• Today the 24th of Dezember 2006

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Dear U-A-G Friends,
I wish you a Merry Christmas!!!
Deck the halls and fill your days,
in happy, joyful jolly ways,
with wishes hear and memories there,
and Christmas magic everywhere!
Whising you all a beautiful Christmas filled with blessing, of friendship and love :o)
... and i wish you all a happy and safe holiday ...

  • Today the 06th of November 2006

I received a lot of e-mails the last few weeks "WHAT'S UP WITH U-A-G???"
Don't worry I haven't died as some of you already thought :)))
I tried to reply all mails (with my good old laptop ;) Old is really the right word since that laptop is over 8 years old, but it still works and is great for e-mailing.
So what has actually happened?
As some of you already know my PC broke down, shame I have stored the passwords to the sites on the harddisk only so I couldn't update this blog at all. Great work Adam, I know but hey finally I got the PC back from service.
When the service told me it would take 4-6 weeks until I get my PC back from them I was totally shocked. I thought it would take maybe 10 days, but over 30 days is a very very long time.
Nevertheless the PC is back and it seems that all my data is still there - thank god!!!
So you can expect lots of updates here on U-A-G soon ;)

  • Today the 21th of September 2006

WOW, time has passed so fast. Sorry for not updating the site within the last weeks, but it is has a simple reason. I have moved to a new place. I am still not finished here with everything but you don't have to worry U-A-G will continue in a short...

  • Today the 23th of August 2006

Since the Soccer World Championship is over for quite a while now, the bananas at the front page had to go now too...

  • Today the 20th of August 2006

- A few optical improvements given to the site.
- Almost finished with recording the new movies (just a few more days), lost of your ideas influenced the new films ;)
- Movie #03 "The Test-Drive" will be downloadable in the shop around the end of the week, stay tuned.
(: Wishing everyone a great week :)

  • Today the 14th of August 2006

The sample of film No. 03 "The Test-Drive" is right here ;) Enjoy....

  • Today the 11th of August 2006

The sample of film No. 03 "The Test-Drive" will be uploaded within the next 48hours ;)
Wishing everyone a great weekend.

  • Today the 03rd of August 2006

Finally back in business, university kept me very busy lately, but the wait for a new movie is almost over.
I expect to be ready with film No. 03 "The Test-Drive" at the end of next week week :)

Plans for this month are:

Record new movies, car stuck and car destruction
Update and improve the whole site
Update and improve the u-a-g shop

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