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  • Today the 11th of July 2006

The Soccer World Championship is over... ;)
Everything starts getting back to the track, so do I. While focusing to finish the 3rd video I have taken apart quite a few of your ideas and mixed them up with my possibilities. Soon you can expect some more details about that...
Hang on in there and have a great time :)

  • Today the 06th of July 2006

The last few days were very hard over here. The temperature has always been above 30 degrees Celsius (around 90 Fahrenheit). This wouldn't be so buggy if the humidity would only not be above 80%.
The PC was almost glowing and started reaching a critical temperature, not so nice. Since air conditioners are not very common here and I don't own one I decided to open up the PC and to place a ventilator right next to the open tower... well that's much better for the PC, but since I got a crazy cat I always have to keep an eye on the ventilator... ;)

  • Today the 28th of June 2006

WOW!!! OVER TEN (10!) DAYS passed so quick - time was running so extremely fast the last few days.
I was at three(!) weddings within these few days - totally crazy. People even had their radios running in the church in order not to miss a single second of the Soccer World Championship...
On Friday I will be at the last wedding for this month (no wonder since the month is over then :))
Germany is playing against Argentina that day so the radios will be turned on again in the church.
Everyone around me is getting married these days :) Hmmmmmmm... I wish everyone good luck!!!

But now back to the latest u-a-g infos:
As I told some of you already the next filming is going to take place at the end of this month, I had no choice but to delayed everything just a few days, but don't worry the delay will not be too long.
Hopefully the next download-video will be finished just before I start filming the next movies.
I am working almost every free minute that I have on it.
So I wish everyone a great time ;)

  • Today the 14th of June 2006

First of I got to apologize for not responding to all mails that I received lately from you, don't be mad at me as I am a one-man-team and I am trying hard ;) I will mail you back really soon.
The store is keeping me very busy, I have to add some more details within it to round it up.
Right now I am working on the FAQ and a detailed technical instruction, since I implemented a category called "ultrahigh" Video-Download and the videos there are in another format then you might be used to.
But check the sample and I guess you will say that it was worth it, I just love it as the video quality is just amazing!!!
One last important thing:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY B. !!! I wish you much health, all the best and a great time in the future now that you turned 30!!!

  • Today the 13th of June 2006

Here it finally is :) I am proud to present the official u-a-g online shop
If you should find some error on the page just let me know ;)

  • Today the 12th of June 2006
IT IS FINALLY DONE!!! WHAT A GREAT DAY!!! Within the next 150minutes I will post the link to the download shop!!! This is such a great moment, I have finally found and fixed the bug --- unbelievable just as it is always in life, it was just a tiny little failure... oh well it is finally done and now we can look forward. OH YES!!! 150minutes from now on... here we go... The link will be here and at the front page, the flash site will get the update within the next 48hours
  • Today the 08th of June 2006
Finally :) After over one week silence, I am back again.
In the meantime I was offline for 2 days because my internet connection received a major upgrade also a few private matters hold me back from work, BUT I got some very good news.
Ok, so here is the update --> Tomorrow not only the Soccer World Cup starts ;)

  • Today the 30th of Mai 2006
Ok, ready for a world premiere? ;)
The first pictures of the forthcoming U-A-G DVD Vol.02 are right here!!! <-- fixed
No more teasing, I know you are waiting for the download shop on which I am still working :( but it will finally be opening within the next 48hours and you can't believe how happy I am about that, because then I can finally continuing working on the next videos :)) So hang on in there...

  • Today the 26th of Mai 2006

Today I realized that I did not write anything into this Blog for the last 4 days, shame on me. Wow, time is running so fast, I received a lot of inspiring mails for which I wanted to thank you. I am still very bussy working on the download shop.
The most important thing:

Today our U-A-G DVD Vol.01 has been send away worldwide to everyone who has ordered one ;)

I actually wanted to do that yesterday, like I wrote on the site, but I totally forgot that the 25th of Mai is "father's day" here in Germany and all the stores and offices are closed. Sorry for that, next time I will better check the calendar before I write special dates. Ok what else we got ?!?
Like I wrote before I wanted to open up the download store today, took a little to get the "SSL" certificate in order to ensure your safety and privacy at the downloadshop, but that step has been managed successfully, very good.
Right now we are in the testing phase of the shop, everything has to work flawless!
This is about as much as I can tell you for now, hang on in there the shop will be opening very soon.
I wish everyone a great weekend ;)

  • Today the 22th of Mai 2006

YES !!! Finally the flash version of this site works great :))
You can access it by clicking on the link at the front page or by clicking right here.
Now that this is done I can really focus at building the download shop.
So stay tuned ;)

P.S.: Soon to come U-A-G DVD Vol.02 (I will show you the first pictures at the begining of next week).

  • Today the 21th of Mai 2006

I thought the flash part of the site works very good now, but I had to figure out that I was wrong. There are some problems with some characters, which worked good on my PC but not on others, so I still have to put some work in there, sorry for that bug.
Update: The flash part of this site now works great ;)
On the other hand the really good news is, that I started to build the download shop.
This project is much easier than the flash part of the site since it does not have to be done from the scratch unlike the flash site ;)
Actually the shop will be ready earlier than Friday, but the official opening will be this Friday (one day later as the worldwide shipping of the U-A-G DVD Vol. 01)

  • Today the 20th of Mai 2006

Finally it's done !!! The flash version of this site has been implemented !!!
- Works now really good - and there is also a link at the front page, but it needs a litte push up since I have noticed that it is not working 100%, sometimes it just is not clickable ... I'm working on a fix ;) also if you should find some flaws within the flash site, just let me know. Update: The flash part of this site now works great ;)
Now the next mission is going to be the download shop !!!

  • Today the 19th of Mai 2006

Just a quick announcement today. Tomorrow, on Saturday, in the evening at around 21.00 (GMT) this site will receive a little ... no I won't tell you yet.
You have to see it for yourself, so tune in.
One more thing, if you send me an e-mail and I don't reply within 12hours please check your spam filter as I am trying to reply as soon as possible.
I guess that's about it for today.
We from wish everyone a great weekend, don't forget to tune in ...

  • Today the 17th of Mai 2006

Ok, yesterday and today I worked on a major improvement to the site, while the implementation of the flash version of the site was delayed just one more day I am very proud to tell you that I added lots of pictures to the site. Now you are wondering "where can I find them?" I show you the links right here since I am still trying out some things. So here you go:
Pictures to story 1 "The revenge"
Pictures to story 2 "The shortcut"
Now this is some good news for the eyes ;)
You will find the pictures now always right here.
If you should not see them just klick the refresh button of you web browser.

  • Today the 14th of Mai 2006

Just wanted to make a short announcement today:

  • A download-store is in progress and downloads are going to be available quite soon on the site, so stay tuned ;)

  • Next thing, yes there are going to be more "stuck" videos we already finished recording the videos for U-A-G DVD Vol.02, but it has to be processed.
    So hang in there as there is going to come a lot more videos.

  • I would also like to add a guestbook into the site so the navigation buttons on the bottom left site are going to be filled, if you know some good guestbook software feel free to contact me.

  • Last but not least the flash version of this site is going to be implemented on Wednesday - aaaah finally :)
    Guess that's it for now. I wish everyone a great Sunday/Monday.

    • Today the 12th of Mai 2006

    I made a few improvements to the site so it looks and runs more smooth. Lots of stuff has been optimized especially the video preview window. Still you need an internet connection of around 1mbit to get smooth video playback (which is very shocking actually) I am planing to make a menu so you can select your internet connection speed in order to get the best playback results.
    If you should experience some technical flaws just give me a short note ;)
    Also I will add some more pictures soon.

    One more nice thing:
    The flash version of this site is almost ready, well actually it is ready just a few bugs have to be cleared out. So you can
    enjoy also in a really great
    visual flash style.

    Last message for now:

    Just wanted to let you know our plans for the near future.
    So what is planed:

    - A forum (we are still thinking if we even make a private part of forum specially for our customers)

    • Today on 11th of Mai 2006, the page has now officially been launched :)

    I am starting to make commercial all around the web and would be very pleased if you could contribute and tell all your friends about this page.

    The official Unique Action Girls DVD Vol. 1 "The Beginning" is ready and can be Pre-Ordered now !!!

    Worldwide shipping of the DVD will be on Thursday the 25nd of Mai. Make sure you get one of the first DVD's since as special promotion every 10th orderer will get a hand signed photo of one of our Unique Action Girls !!! Good luck to you ;)

    Keep one more thing in mind:
    At the time of launching the worldwide shipping on 25nd of Mai, there will only be 100 orders processed since we got 100 DVDs for the start (50 NTSC / 50 PAL), so hurry it's first-come, first-served.

    If you should miss the first round you still don't have to worry the next U-A-G Vol. 1 DVD's are going to be here soon ;) We' ll keep you informed in our BLOG.

    In the meantime enjoy your stay at, your new home of great action and beautiful girls.

    Lastest news can be found here.

    If you should have some questions or wishes don't hesitate to contact us.